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Quality Policy

  • While doing all the work it undertakes, it regularly supplies the product that meets the customer demands and the applicable legal regulations.
  • working under a staff that is knowledgeable, experienced, honest and with warm communication towards its employees; and a wide technical staff who are open to learning, believe in the virtue of hard work and have solid basic knowledge.
  • It assures its customers that it always produces the same quality products that meet the requirements of the legal regulations and increases customer satisfaction by implementing the system effectively.

Environmental Policy

  • Uses the energy and natural resources required for their work in the most efficient way; takes the necessary measures to prevent waste.
  • Carries out continuous training and awareness-raising activities in order to improve the environmental awareness of its employees.
  • Keeps the wastes generated at the end of its work under control; takes the necessary measures to prevent the pollution of air, water and soil and develops them continuously.
  • In case of any destructive effect to the environment in order not to maltreatment the life, property and property of itself or other persons, it controls the risk at the beginning, makes the necessary arrangements by constantly monitoring it and ensures all possible protection during the implementation phase.

Mission and Vision

Mission To make a difference with its corporate and principled approach while offering sales and shipping to its customers with the best service quality in the building sector. Vision To provide added value to its employees, customers and country always trying to do the best in the sectors where it exists with its contemporary, innovative and dynamic structure.  


We distribute raw materials and construction materials procured from the leading manufacturers of the sector to the domestic market through its own logistics network, through its dealers. In addition, through its liaison office in China, it stores the raw materials needed by the sector from the Far East, imports and sells them to the domestic market. In addition to these, it also carries out export activities in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Turkic Republics with its strong export team.

Ohs (Work-Related Health And Safety) Policy

  • Takes every precaution to prevent injuries and health problems. It continuously improves its Work-related Health and Safety (OHS) Management and OHS Performance.
  • Makes the necessary announcements, carries out training and awareness-raising activities to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities.
  • It protects all its employees and other people who may be affected by its activities from work-related injuries and diseases.
  • In order not to harm the life, property and property of itself and other persons in relation to its employees, it controls the probable danger at the beginning, makes the necessary arrangements by monitoring it continuously and provides all possible protection during the implementation phase.