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It is a gypsum-based high quality plaster product that is applied with a single layer machine on interior walls and ceilings.

It creates a solid ground with its high adhesion and endurance strength.

  • At least 8 mm on gross concrete surfaces, at least 10 mm on gas concrete, brick and pumice walls; It is recommended to apply up to 30 mm thickness on all surfaces. If two layers are to be applied, the second layer should be applied before the first layer dries and again not exceeding 30 mm.
  • Application time is 120 minutes.
  • After the surface is leveled, it is smoothened with a trowel after the gauge becomes too hard to apply.
  • When the plaster hardens enough on the wall, the sponge is tripped.
  • When the surface reaches the consistency of delight after cropping, the surface is completed with a steel trowel.