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Polyurethane Based, UV Resistant, One Component, Elastic Waterproofing Material


  • In terraces, roofs, balconies and gutters,
  • On foundation and shear walls,
  • In flower beds,
  • On building facades,
  • Under-tile wet areas,
  • UV resistance of polyurethane foam applications,

In concrete, stone, eternit, wood and sheet metal applications

It can be used safely against water and corrosion.


  • Single component and ready to use.
  • It has easy application feature (with roller or airless gun).
  • It can be applied seamlessly.
  • It is resistant to water accumulation.
  • It has high resistance against UV and frost.
  • Cured by reacting with moisture in the air.
  • It maintains its properties in the temperature range of -30 ºC / +90 ºC.
  • It is water vapor permeable.
  • It has excellent adherence feature.